What are people saying about Yorba Linda Physical Therapy and our skilled physical therapists?

“2 ½ months ago I never imagined I could be back in the race car so soon. But thanks to Rob, and really the entire staff at Yorba Linda Physical Therapy, I not only got back on schedule, I ran two of the quickest runs of our first test session [January 2008].” “I came to see Rob as more than my physical therapist, he really took a personal interest in my progress. I noticed that I really didn’t get special treatment. Over my sessions, I noticed how genuinely caring the staff and Rob really are. Without a doubt in my mind, I know where I would send any family or friends if they needed physical therapy.”

— John Force – 16 Time NHRA Funny Car Champion

As a competitive cyclist and occasional hiker, having knee surgery was initially very difficult for me to handle. First was the left knee just a few weeks before State Championships, and then a few months later the right knee–less than two weeks before my annual ascent of Mt. Whitney. What good fortune for me that my orthopaedic surgeon recommended Rob Ortmayer and YLPT. As soon as I met Rob, and then his staff, I felt much more confident about getting back to my normal routine, being able to compete, and lead a group in the annual summer hike. Beyond the comfort factor and feeling that I was in good hands, I especially appreciated the feeling that everybody at YLPT made a commitment to me and my goals; it felt very personal. I don’t know how things could have turned out better. I was able to resume my training sooner than I’d expected and even set some personal records right after getting the “green light” from Rob. So when the second knee was injured and surgery was required, I already had confidence that everything would work out. Ten days after my surgery I led a group of twelve up and down Mt. Whitney’s 22 miles. After nine hours of hiking, my only thought was “I’m hungry.” No pain, no swelling, no ice; it couldn’t have gone better. Not only did I receive world-class treatment at YLPT, but I also learned things that I could do on my own to improve my performance and maintain good overall condition. I can’t say enough about YLPT and recommend Rob and his staff with complete confidence.

— Hans Jorgensen

“As someone who makes a living as a choreographer/dancer, unfortunately I have encountered numerous injuries and have also gone through just as many physical therapists. There just aren’t a lot of therapists out there that are as attentive and give the true care that patients need. So many pass the patients off to their assistants because they are forced to see so many per hour and what I have experienced don’t “completely explain” how to do the exercises. I haven’t been exposed to many that have truly observed the way I do an exercise to make sure that I am doing it correctly. Rob, no one is more understanding at encompassing all of that than you and your team. Your care for detail and thorough explanation of not only each and every exercise, but also my long term goals of recovery helped give me light at the end of the tunnel in this journey of rehabilitation. I have and will continue to speak your praises about how I never minded the extra 1 ½ hours of drive time because I was so comfortable working with someone with your capabilities and high standards for my well-being. Thank you for making my recovery so easy to manage. I appreciate all of the care you’ve shown to me and my family.”

— Tina Sidoni – Professional Dancer/Choreographer

I have been fortunate to have my surgeon recommend Yorba Linda Physical Therapy for treatment after surgery. This is a group of professional individuals dedicated to physical health and rehabilitation. Members of the terrific staff are knowledgeable in their field and bring expertise to provide the best care possible. They are a complete facility that coordinates perfectly together from the scheduling of appointments and handling insurance requirements, to utilizing equipment and exercise techniques for an optimal recovery. Assessment of each patient’s personal situation is addressed with individual attention. I am grateful for their kindness, understanding and encouragement. I cannot thank each and every member, Rob, Kris, Roger, Aimee, Bonnie, Michelle, Robin and Nina enough for all their caring and heart-felt compassion. They are special people with overwhelming gifts. If it is possible to “enjoy” physical therapy, I have! Life with pain is difficult at best, however, with providers of hope such as Yorba Linda Physical Therapy there are moments of true thankfulness.

— L. Koenig

Thank you to each one of you at Yorba Linda Physical Therapy. Your skills, ability to educate, demonstrate and answer endless questions have helped me regain my health. The compassion, caring and respect you have for each other, as well as for us, the patients, is part of my healing. We have laughed together and cried together. My body, soul and hope have been restored. I am thankful to have been there.

— Sharon Gilbert